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Harbourfront Animal Hospital

Your Pet Hospital Since 2011

Services We Offer

To ensure your Pets get the best care possible we offer a variety of services and procedures. Our staff stays up-to-date on the latest in Veterinary Medicine.

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Physical Examinations

An Exam will assess:
  • Body temperature
  • Respiration rate
  • Heart rate
  • Mucous membrane colour
  • Skin condition
  • Weight
  • Oral exam
  • Ear/eye exam
  • Chest auscultation
  • Abdominal palpitation
  • Lameness
  • Lymph node assessment
  • Discussion of health status
  • Any other problems

Preventative Care

Taking steps to prevent problems is the best way to take care of your furry friends. Regular check-ups will help reduce the risk of complications and give you peace of mind during the life of your pet.

We can keep an eye on your pets health by:
  • Doing annual vaccinations
  • Ensuring strict weight management
  • Regular blood work
  • Urine analysis
  • Fecal exam to check for parasites
  • Behavioural problem discussion
  • Nutrional counsultations

Diagnostic Procedures

Dr. Slav and the staff at Harbourfront Animal Hospital will use all the tools at their disposal to determine what's wrong with your pets.

This includes:

  • Blood chemistry: kidney function, liver, pancreatic diseases, metabolic diseases, electrolites, hormone levels
  • Complete blood count: to check for anemia, blood parasites, infection and other blood related conditions
  • Urinalysis: to check for urinary infection, metabolic diseases, kidneys ability to concentrate urine
  • Radiology (X-ray): full body and dental
  • ECG-electrocardiography: to record the heart activity
  • Ultrasound: heart disease, abdominal masses, others.

Referral Services

Dr. Debski works very closely with veterinary medicine specialists. These are experts in internal veterinary medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, neurology, neurosurgery, behavioural issues, and cardiology.

You can learn more about individual specialists here:

Theraputic Laser Treatment

No pet owner wants to see their furry family member suffer from muscle and joint pain. Ask our doctor and staff how Laser therapy might help to alleviate your pet's pain.

Have you noticed your pet slowing down and having trouble with everyday movement? Laser therapy may provide a solution to your pet's muscle and joint soreness.

As your dog ages the probability of arthritic pain increases greatly. At ages eight to ten 27% of dogs suffer from arthritis. The numbers incresase to 37% for dogs eleven to thirteen years old. If you have noticed signs of your dog slowing down, this may be due to joint and muscle pains common in arthritis. Laser therapy could help ease your furry family member's pain.

It is difficult to diagnose arthritic pain in cats. This is due to the stoic nature of your furry family member. If you have noticed your feline friend slowing down, having problems reaching the litter box, or isolating themselves from the family, pain may be the issue.

Key Benefits of Theraputic Laser Treatment:
  • To reduce pain
  • Reduce inflammation and speed healing
  • Drug free
  • Surgery free relief for your
  • No-needle acupuncture


Elective: Spay, neuter, benign masses removal, excessive eye stains removal procedures, tear duct flush, entropion eye surgery in dogs (Dalia, Margaret's dog, had her eyes done. See before and after surgery pictures below.)

Non-elective/emergency procedures: Gastrointestinal problems, foreign bodies, abdominal masses, bloat & gastric torsion, stones removal

Cryosurgeries: Using liquid nitrogen to remove small skin masses ie; skin tags